Catering service at the competition area will be provided by Spichlerz restaurant from Ciągowice, which regularly provides catering services during events organized by KSP JURA LOK Club.

Restauracja Spichlerz

Traditional Polish soups:
1. Sour rye soup with egg and sausage (żurek) - 10 PLN
2. Pea soup with meatloaf (grochówka) - 10 PLN

Traditional Polish main course (dinner):
1. Pork chop with fried cabbage and potatoes - 25 zł
2. Boiled knuckle of fried cabbage with bread (golonka) - 30 zł

You will be able also to buy grilled dishes (eg. sausage, black pudding, porkneck) and drinks..

Attention: Cold beer (rollbar) will be available at the competition area from 14:00!

Total ban grilling on the competition area!


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