All the shooting competitions of XI International Polish Championship will be held according to the PFTA rules (they are compatible with international regulations).

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The organizer will reward competitors in the following categories:

  • FT1 PCP (total score of two days)
  • FT2 Recoiling (total score of two days)
  • HFT1 PCP (total score of two days)
  • HFT2 Recoiling (total score of two days)
  • FT Juniors 9-13 Open (total score of two days)
  • FT Juniors 14-16 Open (total score of two days)
  • HFT Juniors 9-13 Open (total score of two days)
  • HFT Juniors 14-16 Open (total score of two days)
  • nHFT (night variety of HFT - with flashlight permanently attached to rifle)
  • Silhouette rifle
  • Silhouette pistol
  • Team (max 5 competitors from different categories in team, the sum of the percentage results of 3 best competitors out of 5, each day counted separately)
  • Best Lady FT / Best Lady HFT
  • Best Veteran FT / Best Veteran HFT


  1. Courses consist of 40 targets.
  2. Each category will be set up only after registration of minimum 5 competitors (in case of Juniors minimum 3 competitors).
  3. Juniors, despite the age category, shoot all targets according to signs on positions! NOTICE: after the registration is closed, the organizer can withdraw from that decision.
  4. Juniors (age 14-16) percentage results on a team are counted to the best competitor’s results in adult category. Juniors' (age 9-13) can not be members of the team!

International regulations:

  • WFTF Comprehensive rules (for FT shooters) [READ]
  • UKAHFT Rules (for HFT shooters) [READ]
  • UKAHFT Format (for HFT shooters) [READ]


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